About us

Our Gallery was born from a dream, from a vision of art lovers who want to realize the desire to put art at the center of life. Art Gaudium is a window on the world of contemporary art that revolutionizes the way we discover and experience art. Our mission is to make contemporary art accessible by discovering and supporting talented artists around the world.

We very much aspire to relive the idea of collecting art; Art is personal, it’s a lifestyle.
Cultivating interest in art is extremely important, especially in the new generations.

Art teaches us to excited and reflect, it teaches us to be in the world and to relate to others and to ourselves.

We want to share the power of art that allows us to think freely and express ourselves

We are a gallery for all those who seek beauty in their daily life and want to be surrounded by it. Each of our artworks is rated by our expert art curators

We select works of art based on careful selection criteria to ensure that our collectors can discover the art of the most promising artists who will not only maintain their market value but increase it.

We ardently love what we do,
we hope you can love it