Flavia Bellavia

Flavia Bellavia is an artist from a small town in Sicily in the province of Agrigento. Her passion and her predisposition for drawing were evident from an early age. During her adolescence she decided to follow her vocation by attending the art school, a place that served to her appropriate the various painting techniques. In 2011 she moved to Tuscany to continue her artistic training at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, to the painting chair of the painter, sculptor and set designer Gianni Dessì, a fundamental path for the historical-critical study but it was above all decisive for his artistic research. Flavia Bellavia investigates on change of nature and on life in constant change, her paintings are characterized by intense and changing spots of color, given by the technique she experimented and defined by the artist as “corrosive painting” from the dosage of some chemical solutions on photographic paper. The connection between spirit and memory is relevant at the basis of her artistic research, an alchemical process of dissolution which through the intervention of the corrosion of memory, transforms it, recomposing and revealing its essence. She currently lives and works in Carrara.  

“Art has always been it’s necessary for me, it was all born thanks to discomfort. My works question the level of belonging and openness, every color, every shape has the possibility to tell and for this we have listen inside.


Some of Work

The three roses" Dimensions – 20,3x30,5 cm Year of Production – 2020 Technique – Painting with mordants and solvents on photographic paper ​
​ Ziege Dimensions – 40x60 cm Year of Production – 2018 Technique – Painting with mordants and solvents on photographic paper