Gilberto Borghesi Born in Cles Trento (Italy) Lives and works in Trentino and Milan. I was 15 when I first started to print, in a workshop, learning with movable types and screw printing press as Gutenberg did and lithography like Senefelder. As Digital Graphic Imaging appeared I concluded my formation as a graphic designer. 25 years as a printer. At 40 I quit being a printer to dedicate myself to photography. More intimate and creative, in my opinion. A first workshop with Keith Carter and Mauro Fiorese addressed me to photography as shooting. A second workshop with the same photographers made me discover printing techniques so I began experimenting with ancient techniques of photographic print. In the meantime I was deeply fascinated by the works of Man Ray and Jackson Pollock. I kept on experimenting until I develop a process, summarizing different approaches, that allows me to print photographs on entire walls, such as a fresco. I use hands and eggs. After further experiments and trials now I “print” photographs on ceramics and bake them at 980°C. Up to 4 cycles This is what you see, the output of a lifetime process. Maybe the fruit of my endless quest for a new mean of expression or maybe an inner intention to leave a sign, potentially ethernal.





– The best of HOUZZ



– Milano, Fornace Curti, espone diversi lavori in ceramica;

– Bologna, Cersaie, espone lavoro in ceramica;

– Milano, Milano Design Week, performace, spazio H2OTTO;

– Milano, Milano Design Week, realizza un secondo lavoro a parete su Villa Busca Serbelloni.



– Milano, Milano Design Week, realizza un lavoro a parete su Villa Busca Serbelloni.



– Verona, concorso fotografico la forza delle lesbiche, primo premio della giuria tecnica,

  primo premio del pubblico.



– Il quotidiano “La Stampa” on line presenta diversi lavori.



– Orvieto, Orvieto Fotografia: Professional Photography Awards, terzo classificato in 3 diversi   categorie;

– Milano, premiofotografico 2008 – Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti – autore




– Concorso Arte Laguna, autore finalista;

– Entra a far parte di Adobe Photographers Professional;

– Milano, invitato a pubblicare un’opera al Premio Grandesign;

– Imola, concorso fotografico internazionale Altavia, Premio Speciale della Giuria.



– Lisbona (Portogallo), Euro Press Photo Award, 1 ° classificato rappresenta l’Italia alla finale


– Premio fotografico Città di Trento (IT), 1° classificato;

– La rivista “Work, art in progress” della Galleria Civica di Trento (IT) pubblica diversi lavori;

– Giurato per la fotografia al Premio Mediastars della Pubblicità, Milano, Italia.

Some of Work

Pablo, for better or for worse Dimensions – 24 cm x 29 cm Year of Production – 2020 Technique – Engobe on earthenware
The Wine Water ​ Dimensions – 50 cm x 70 cm Year of Production – 2020 Technique – Engobe on earthenware