Justin Brooks

Justin Brooks is a New York based artist from the small upstate town of Sodus, NY. Justin moved to New York City to attend Pratt Institute in pursuit of a Bachelor of Architecture degree. It was not until his first visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art that he felt inspired to pursue a career in fine art. Following his graduation from Pratt in 2009, Justin spent the next seven years honing his painting and drafting skills while working for various galleries and art auction facilities throughout New York City until 2017 when he enrolled in the Masters of Fine Art program at the New York Academy of Art. It was here that he received technical and conceptual training from some of the most renown artists and critics in the field of representational art. Upon earning his MFA in 2019, Justin moved his studio to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he continues to work.

“Art for me has always been a means of expressing resolve, a search for an understanding of the dichotomies that have existed within the human condition. A rationale to organize the scattered nature of the unknown. Order vs chaos, good vs evil, the natural vs. the paranormal, the ordinary vs. the surreal. Concepts that are antithetical yet in perfect symbiosis of one another, products of our limitless ability to shape the world around us while simultaneously possessing tragically limited physiology and comprehension. It is in the subjectivity of my work where this delicate balance of existence is explored, and where I search for meaning.”


Some of Work

Quarantine ​ Dimensions – 60,96cm x 91,44cm Year of Production – 2019 Technique – Oil on Wood
Asylum Dimensions – 91,44 cm x 121,92 cm Year of Production – 2019 Technique – Oil on Wood