Sara Di Cara

Gioia, dolore, libertà, nostalgia, incanto,
amore per la natura e per la mia terra, la
Sicilia, trovano spazio, forma e colore nei
miei dipinti, che diventano mezzo per
esprimere pensieri, ricordi, impressioni e
stati d’animo.
L’arte è uno stato della mente, una via di
fuga, un modo per dare un senso ai
pensieri ed esprimere le vive emozioni.
Per questo non è mai la stessa.
L’arte cambia con noi.
Psychotherapist and self-taught painter, art
has always been a passion and life partner
for me, I’ve got no memories of myself as a
child without a brush in hand.
I create works on canvas and wood with
mixed techniques, oil and acrylic painting.
I believe that art has the ability to capture
the magic hidden in everyday reality, and
that with its own
universal language is able to connect
anyone in any place in space and time.
Joy, pain, freedom, nostalgia, enchantment,
love for nature and for my land, Sicily, find
space, shape and color in my paintings,
which become a means to express
thoughts, memories, impressions and
Art is a state of mind, an escape, a way to
make sense of thoughts and express living
This is why it’s never the same.
Art changes with us.