Dominika Makowska

"Dance with butterfly"

Dimensions : 110 x 120 cm Technique : oil on canvas Year : 2005

" 'Hope' , inspired by Michał Chróścielewski's ballet entitled '1945'

Dimensions : 100x90cm Technique : oil on canvas Year : 2020

Dominika Makowska Born in Warsaw. Graduate of European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, MFA in Graphic Design and Painting. Diploma in 2000, in professor’s Julian Pałka - one of the main representatives of the Polish School of Posters - graphic design atelier and professor’s Dariusz Mlącki- painting atelier. Colour is the essence of my painting, it’s joy and flow of energy on grey days. Colour is impalpable and always different, depending on light, time of year, time of day and on who looks and how. I’m also interested in capturing the fleeting, beautiful moments , the poetry of everyday life … and recently - dance, especially ballet, which is an unfinished source of my inspirations. Currently I’m preparing another individual exhibition and working on a series of paintings entirely devoted to ballet, which is my great passion. In my works I try to express emotions and moods, which is why, they are often inspired by specific ballet performances, that aroused my admiration, as well as the beauty and perfection of the movement of dancers in this fascinating field of art. The inspiration for pictures , which I would like to present to you is dance and colour which I saw and stopped, I stopped a moment… Selected solo exhibitions : 2001 – Hotel Sofitel Victoria Gallery Warsaw 2002 – Golf Club Rajszew 2002 – Hotel Marriott Gallery Warsaw 2003 – Gallery Moliere Krakow 2003/2004 – Gallery Stara Kordegarda, Łazienki Royal Park Warsaw 2005 – Gallery Ateneum Młodych Warsaw 2013 – Dyspensa Gallery Warsaw 2015 – Gallery Kuratorium Warsaw Works are in private collections, among others in Poland , UK , Germany and Norway.