Javier Ortega

Javier Ortega is an artist born in Madrid, Spain in 1987, although raised in Asturias, a region in the north of the country.

He currently has his residence and exercises his work in the capital of

He studied graphic design at the European Institute of Design and
musical composition and digital sound at the Microfusa School of Sound, both in Madrid.

During his career he has participated in various art fairs, and has worked with various galleries.
He is currently part of the Cornión Gallery in Gijón, where he held his last exhibition “Dimensional Flush” at the end of 2019, which obtained a notable media coverage by the criticism of the specialized media.
He also works with various international online platforms and is linked to the Armaga Gallery in León, Spain.
Raised in an artistic environment, from a very young age his creative concerns have led him to develop his creative facets, from
graphic design, through illustration, plastic arts,
digital art, to electronic music which seduced him from his
adolescence notably and led him to definitively link his visual creative world with electronic sound.
At times he performs audiovisual performances together with his creations, acts as a DJ and also produces electronic music.

As an artist, his work combines all these disciplines and influences and mixes geometric elements with philosophical, cosmic and existential concepts, where the organic / human is intermingled with the synthetic / artificial and where he sometimes combines figurative elements with abstraction. He also has certain influences from the new age aesthetic, vaporwave or retro-80, but always with a
Very personal touch, continually researching new creative possibilities.

His relationship and influence of the technological world is perceived in the technique of his works where he combines the digital world with physical supports (aluminum, methacrylate, wood or canvas) by applying enamel, paint and other pigments on them and combining them with digital prints




Some of Work


-Year: 2019 -Edition: Limited piece of 3 (signed and certified) -Size(cm without frame): 100 x 100 cm -Medium: Light box componed by UV digital printing on opal methacrylate, backlit with LED system, in wooden molding. Price: 2400 €

Trip to the clouds

-Year: 2021 -Edition: Limited piece of 3 (signed and certified) -Size(cm without frame): 100 x 102 cm -Medium: Synthetic enamel, acrylic painting and UV digital printing on aluminum. Price: 1250 €