ELER is the name of an emerging artist in the complex world of contemporary art. Born in Italy in the early 1970s, ELER’s art offers a striking interpretation of the digital image concept as an instrument of mediation and knowledge of the physical space that surrounds us based on a multiplicity of forms, structures, and chromatic dissonances.
ELER’s experimental artwork is characterized by a heightened dramatic and expressive character that rivets and disorients the observer on an emotional and rational plane. ELER’s creative impulse is a tribute to the punk, dark-gothic and new wave culture of the 80s, which finds its essential source of inspiration in musical bands, such as Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, Crass, Conflict, Christian Death.
Seemingly chaotic and unstructured, ELER’s artwork contains sequences of pixels that are organized in patterns according to rigorous and multi-scalar fractal dimensions. The result of this process is what the artist himself defines as “digital landscapes” capable of imparting a unique combination between scientific knowledge, image modelling and the integration of exogenous elements, always unpredictable, of a stochastic nature.
With his research and experimental artwork, ELER transports us into the dynamic context of contemporary cities, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chicago, Detroit, and Milan introducing an alternative vision of the urban system in its architectural and green elements.
The digital image is understood as a fragment of a dystopian and constantly evolving urban landscape, in which degradation and regeneration co-exist and co-evolve according to new underground cultural and artistic expressions.

The name ELER is inspired by the initials of this artist [LR]. Born in 1973, ELER grew up with a strong passion for sciences applied to complex systems, such as ecosystems and landscapes. After earning his PhD between Italy and Canada, he moved to England for a research period at the University of Cambridge and subsequently to China, the United States and Japan before returning to Italy where he acquired the title of University Professor. For over 20 years, he has been collaborating with prestigious international research centers in the field of satellite imagery analysis and in defining models for assessing environmental indicators of sustainability. He is the author of more than 150 scientific publications and two books distributed worldwide. ELER’s art is inspired by the scientific world and international work experiences, becoming an essential tool of knowledge and transposition of contemporary reality from the analog to the strictly digital format. This cognitive and experimental dimension is accompanied by ELER’s interest in musical culture and vinyls linked to punk, dark-gothic, new wave, and psychedelic sounds (Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death, Minor Threat, Tool, Kyuss) and, more recently, post-punk, post-rock, darkwave, and shoegaze genres (The Underground Youth, Slowdive, Soft Kill, Protomartyr, True Widow, Mogwai).