Luca Andrea Garibaldi

ITALY, 1966

Born on the 22nd of April 1966 in the Italian province of Varese, Luca is the second of four sons and a father of two. From a very young age he has shown a strong propensity for drawing and painting, leading him to start attending his first art class en plain-air at the age of eight.

His affinity to art prospered, undisturbed, throughout the years:
starting from 1985 he applied his skills for over a decade within the domain of photography, a sphere in which he was able to pursue his love for the waves and the ocean along shorelines of west
Europe, south-east Asia, north America and Oceania. In this period he was able to secure various collaborations with some of the most renowned ocean-sport magazines, slowly making
him one the most appreciated international surf photographers at the time. In the meantime, he completed is law degree, becoming a chartered
lawyer around the year 2000, establishing himself in Milan, Italy, where he still lives and work. Alongside his forensic career he continuously
nurtured his drawing, painting and photographic skills. His painting skill evolved naturally and autonomously, inspired by both past and contemporary masters. His inspiration began by following the works of Macchiaioli painters, whom
he is close to for family reasons also (on his mothers side, Luca is one of the descendants of the the same Bandini family who hosted Silvestro Lega at Gabbro and who is often portrayed in
many masterpieces of that period). He then moved
towards Monet’s Impressionism and Gauguin’s post-impressionism, inspired particularly from sharing similar tastes and life choices as the latter. Finally, for a short period of time, he also took
great inspiration from themas tersof Contemporary informalism of Matter, before embracing his own style of mixed-media / mixed-art.

For over two decades Luca cultivated his love for the art in private and only towards the end of 2020, with the support of the people closest to him and with the help of his daughter, Sophia, does he decide to give more visibility to his work, immediately noticing a great appreciation for his life-time collection. Alongside his forensic career, his artistic journey is still unraveling to this day, allowing his alter-ego as an artist to invade more and more of his daily life, thus enriching him both creatively and motivationally. Because of this, a big thank you goes to his much adored daughter, Sophia, and all those who, like his brother Andrea – most believed
in the beauty of his work.


Gli Occhi della Guerra


Gli Occhi della Guerra


La Luna


Il Bacio


Alle Origini del Mito