Will Yu

Taiwan, 1977



Will Yu 尤瑋毅 1977. 01. 31

I’m come from Taiwanese artist, WIll Yu (尤瑋毅). The creation of human nature on the subject of life philosophy is my artistic work for many years. I think that life is a very important matter, and art is a secondary issue. Because if you seriously think about all the problems in life, your artistic creation will naturally be strong. However, art must be “sincere”.

Artist Statement

A highly-reputed ancient Chinese philosopher, Laozi, once put down:

’’Observe your mind by introspection, and see there is no mind;
then observe the body, look at yourself from without, and see there is no body;
then observe others by glancing out afar, and see there are no beings.
Once you have realized these three,
you observed emptiness!’’

Nothing is tougher than waving goodbye; pain always throbs us when we leave the environment, the things, even the people we used to be familiar with. We human beings tend to indulge ourselves in our comfort zones in content; living in there happily forever seems wonderful. However, this plays the role of shelters as well as obstacles to our success. Thus, ‘’leaving’’ becomes a must-do for humankind to integrate things going on around us. Only when we leave our ‘’shadow’’, the comfort zone that provides us a sense of security, can we truly challenge ourselves to go beyond our potentials; only when we force ourselves to stand away from where we used to belong to can we see through our deficiencies.

2014~ Currently studying in National Taiwan Normal University, Fine Arts Ph.D
2006~2011 Master of Fine Arts in National Taiwan Normal University
2002~2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts in National Taiwan University of Arts

2015~2019 Taiwan International Watercolor Society, Executive Committee.
2013~2015 Ational Taichung University of Education Department of Fine Arts, lecturer.
2012~2015 China University of Technology of General Education Center, lecturer.
2013~2013 National Taiwan Normal University of Art Institute, Teaching Assistants.
2009~2014 Taiwan International Watercolor Society, Chief Executive.
2011~2013 International Watercolor Contest, Jury Committee (Turkey)

Portrait collection:
Sweden The State Arts Council Vice Chairman of the Board and Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics, LrsStrannegård.
Executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma Yun.
Rector of the ITMO University, Vladimir Vasilyev.

Personal Exhibition:
2020 France, Perpignan, Worid Famous Gallery, Will Yu’s Solo Exhibition.
2019 Taipei, Helios Gallery, Will Yu’s Solo Exhibition.
2017 Taipei, National Taiwan Normal University Gallery, “The paradise underneath the horizontal line3” Solo Exhibition.
2017 Taipei, Helios Gallery, “The paradise underneath the horizontal line2” Solo Exhibition.
2016 Taipei, Helios Gallery, Will Yu’s Solo Exhibition.
2015 Taipei, Helios Gallery, “The paradise underneath the horizontal line” Solo Exhibition.
2012 Chiayi, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Will Yu’s Solo Exhibition.
2011 Taipei, Huashan Creative Park, “Masculine2” Will Yu’s Solo Exhibition.
2009 Taipei, Dynasty Gallery, “Masculine” Will Yu’s Solo Exhibition.

2021 Russia, Moscow, ARTLIFE Moscow.
2021 Taipei, ART TAIPEI.
2020 France, Paris, Goldshtetn-Saatort Gallery.
2020 Russia, Moscow, ARTLIFE Moscow.
2020 Taipei, ART TAIPEI.
2019 Italy, Venice, Formosa visits Venice Now- 32 Contemporary Artists from Taiwan.
2019 Taipei, ART TAIPEI.
2019 China, Henan Provincial Art Museum.
2018 Taipei, ART TAIPEI.
2018 Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.( Springtime)
2018 Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.
2017 Taipei, BELLAVITA.
2017 China, Hubei Province.
2017 Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.( Springtime)
2017 Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.( Summer)
2017 Taipei, Parkview Green Art.
2017 Korea, Seoul, Dongduk Art museum.
2017 Singapore, Singapore Ministry of Culture.
2017 Taipei, YOUNG ART TAIPEI.

2016 Hong Kong, Helios Gallery, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.
2016 Taichung, ART Taichung.
2016 Taipei, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck foundation.
2016 Taipei , Helios Gallery, ART FORMOSA.
2015 Kaohsiung, Helios Gallery, ART KAOHSIUNG.
2015 Taipei, Dadeart gallery.
2015 Taipei, YOUNG ART TAIPEI.
2014 Thailand, Bangkok, Wangna Art Gallery.
2014 Taipei, China Central Academy Of Fine Arts Ph.D.
2014 Taichung, Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center.
2014 Taipei, AKI Gallery.
2014 Tainan, Art Tainan.
2013 Taipei, .cathaybk Gallery.
2013 Taipei, . National Taiwan Arts Education Center.


2012 Australia, Sydney, Mosman Art Gallery.
2012 Taipei, AKI Gallery.
2011 Korea, Seoul, Art museum.
2011 China, Shanghai, Art District M50.
2011 China, Shanghai, Art Jiangsu Province.
2011 USA, HUB-Robeson Gallery, University Park, PA.
2011 USA, Carrollton Cultural Art Center, GA.
2011 Taipei, YOUNG ART TAIPEI.
2011 Taipei, National Museum of History.
2011 Taipei, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
2010 Japan, Niigata Sado gallery.
2009 Korea, Seoul, Chosun University.
2009 Taipei, YOUNG ART TAIPEI.
2009 Taipei, Huashan Creative Park.
2009 Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
2008 Japan, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.
2008 Taipei, Capital Art Corporation.
2008 Taipei, AKI Gallery.
2007 Taipei, ART TAIPEI.
2004 Taipei, Nanhai Gallery.
2003 Taipei, public art.


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